About RevPSO.

What is RevPSO?

RevPSO is a private Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst server started by two PSO enthusiasts. RevPSO offers features that no other server has such as more experience per kill, higher rare drop rate, NPC's, Item Donations, Plus membership and more.

Why choose RevPSO?

RevPSO is possibly the most complete & stable PSO server. There are minimal bugs and our server has consistently ran smoothly since launch. We also have the most complete feature list including working trade window & Challenge Mode. Our community is smaller and more tighter-knit offering a more personal game experience.

What are the system requirements to play the game?

The system requirements are as follows:

PC REQUIREMENTS: Minimum Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 98SE / Me / 2000 / XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8.
  • Processor: Pentium III,700 MHz [Pentinum 4, 1.4GHz or above recommended]
  • Graphics Card: Direct3D compatible, 3D graphics board, minimum 32 MB VRAM
  • Supported Cards: NVIDIA:GeForce 3/3Ti200/3Ti500, 4Ti4200,FX5200/5600/5900 ATI: RADEON 8500/8500LE/9600PRO/9800PRO Note about Graphics Cards: Most newer cards will support the game fine, these are the bare minimum ones you need. You probably have a card that'll run the game just fine.
  • Sound Card: DirectSound compatible
  • DirectX: DirectX 9.0b or above
  • Internet Connection Speed: 256kbps

What are the controls for this game? I'm a newbie!

The controls can be found Here.

The game keeps crashing when I get into a game! Help!

This can be caused by something on your system known as Data Execution Prevention or DEP preventing needed packets from being processed by the game. You can Disable DEP, set compatibility mode to Windows XP Service Pack 3, and try again.

Mag stats are messed up after removing it from bank!

This is due to you depositing it into the common bank via the /bank command. This is a known bug with common bank. DO NOT deposit Mags into your COMMON BANK!.

I got a friend's guild card but now his name isn't appearing in my card list! Help!

This is a bug. We are aware of this bug and trying to fix it at the moment. For now, we may have found a hot fix you can read about it on our forums Here. Forum Account Registration is Recommended!.

Item Donations explained

What are item donations you ask? An item donation is simple, we have a list of items Here you can donate cash for. You donate the amount next to the item, PM Smokey, tell him what items you've donated for. Then he will meet you in game and spawn you the item(s).

RevPSO Plus membership.

To Buy RevPSO Plus for your account Click here Must have a forum account. Also make sure you choose RevPSO PLUS, buying regular VIP will not gain you premium access on the server!

Plus members is a paid game subscription that allows it's users to get double the exp then normal RevPSO exp, and 3x the rare drops then normal RevPSO drops. In addition to that, Plus members get discounts on the Item Donation list.
Features of RevPSO Plus

  • Different name color
  • Section ID Changer command
  • Higher rare drop rate & exp boost by 2x!

I get a 903 Patch Server error? Help!

This error occurs because you didn't replace the psobb.exe file after running the Install_RevPSO.exe file. You need to move the psobb.exe file that's inside the rar file into where you installed your RevPSO client and when prompted to overwrite, select "yes". Then, try to get back into the game and the game should patch normally.

Error code 5 error with AVG anti virus enabled fix below

  • Open the AVG user interface.
  • Click Tools->Advance Settings...
  • Click Resident Shield->Exceptions...
  • The Add the program (or file, directory) you wish to be excluded from scans
  • Relaunch client as admin with no errors.

I followed the instructions but it keeps patching over and over....

This is a strange occurrence, if you encounter this issue please overwrite your PsoBB.exe file with This and if you have a file called PsoBB.pat in your files, delete it.

What are the experience rates on RevPSO?

The Experience rates are set to 5x an scale down as you progress through levels so by the time you hit level 180 you will be earning 2x experience. Premium/Plus players get +2 experience than normal so they would start of at 7x and be at level 180 with 4x.

Where is the drop chart?

The drop chart is now live. Link is in the navigation.

Who is in charge on the server? Who are the GMs?

A full list of the current GMs can be found Here.

RevPSO Credits

Credits go to the following people for making RevPSO possible!

  • Smokey - For coming up with the idea for the server and paying for it.
  • Hwi - Being a helpful and friendly GM with good ideas and input.
  • ZiZ - Designing the title screen and doing a lot of the OGG looping.
  • Sciaz - For coming up with some great event ideas and being a helpful GM.
  • Outbub/Cable - Ideas for the server and creating videos.
  • IV - Creating an installation tutorial on how to properly install our game client.
  • DDrX - Server status code + some bug fixes.
  • Zanoey - For tiding up the server status code among other tweaks.

Server Status

Login Server:   Online  
Patch Server:   Online  
Ship Server:   Online  

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