Donating to the server.

Steps on how to donate to our server:
Step 1: You can donate further for in-game items, our item list can be found Here for our RevPSO VIP players, discounts are available.
Optional:Step 1a: Sign up for our RevPSO VIP membership by clicking Here and choosing RevPSO Plus.
Step 2: Send a PM to Smokey with the title "Item Donation" and specify which items you've donated for, preferably include the item name(s) & desired stats (detailed in the donation list) in the donation as a comment.
Step 3: Meet Smokey in game to recieve your items. All items will be recieved in a timely manner. Please allow up to 48 hours after donating for Smokey to give you your items. He is very busy.
Step 4: Enjoy your items you have donated for.

Notice: If you are having problems with sending donations or haven't recieved your items yet, feel free to let us know at our Forums.

Server Status

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